Moving Past Our Past Into A Better Future

Our books author makes an interesting statement that “Our personal agony is the incubator for empathy. The more you agonize, the more you empathize.” Only those who have traveled the same journey can truly empathize with those on a similar path. Here are some biblical passages that can assist you in moving past your past if you will allow them too and they are Psalms 32:1-2; 5-6; Isaiah 43:25 and 1 John 1:9.

Sometimes to move past our past we have to forgive those who hurt us while not excusing the fact that they should pay for their crime or role in hurting or violating us. Sometimes if we are partly responsible for the guilt or shame we are experiencing we must seek God’s forgiveness at a personal level, others forgiveness where prudent, with the understanding that just because we ask for forgiveness does not mean that other person may accept our apology. We sometimes have to trust that to God and time. Once we have sought God’s forgiveness and others where necessary, we need to remember that when God forgives us he forgets it, it is removed as far as the East is from the West, it is under the blood, never to brought up again or thrown back at us the next time we mess up, and so the question comes why do we not accept God’s forgiveness when he has been so gracious to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness? Prayerfully, this article has been of some value to you and this book might be a good purchase and read for you if this topic is an area in your life that you are struggling in. Please remember that counseling from preferably a licensed Christian professional counselor to assist you on your journey to being a whole and healthy person can be a good thing.

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