“Constructing Blue Collar Leaders in a White Collar World”

Constructing Blue Collar Leaders in a White Collar World is the title of our 2017 updated and a re-edited book published in paperback in May 2022 with Christian Faith Publishing with offices in Meadville, PA, and Toronto, Canada. Originally published with a color interior relative to the pictures and charts it has been re-released in May 2022 with a black and white image interior reducing its cost by $10 to $17.95 in its paperback version. It is now available through Ingram Books and Amazon in a paperback version for $17.95. It is also available now as an eBook (Kindle) download for $9.99 with a Look Inside feature.

Go to https://amazon.com/author/lamarherndoniii to see and purchase this e-book. This is a servant-leadership development book for church pastors, staff members, and Christian leaders in the church and marketplace. It is also a great leadership development book for those who are not faith followers because of the quality of marketplace organizational leaders referenced. It crosses all denominational, movement, organizational and gender lines emphasizing leadership development from a servant leadership dynamic. Check out our book cover below.

Our book is endorsed by pastors, nationally recognized church leaders, professors, and other organizational leaders. It contains over 200 scholarly references from leading organizational authors such as Jim Collins, Kouzes & Posner, Max De Pree, Ira Chaleff, and noted Christian leaders such as John Maxwell, Andy Stanley, Jeff Iorg,  MaryKate Morse, Ruth Haley Barton, Henry & Richard Blackaby, and many others. It contains images, charts, tables, and cutouts all designed to enhance the reader and visual learners’ understanding of the chapter’s topics.

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