A Biblical Perspective on Aliens & Immigration in America

“If Jesus were to come back and see what people have done in his name, he’d throw up,” a line from a Woody Allen character in his film Hannah and Her Sisters.

“If you preach the gospel in all aspects with the exception of the issues which deal specifically with your time, you are not preaching at all.” Martin Luther

Currently, I am reading in Os Guinness’ book, The Global Public Square: Religious Freedom And The Making Of A World Safe For Diversity, having recently read the book Still Evangelical: Insiders Consider Political, Social, and Theological Meaning, and I have started reading in the Next Evangelicalism: Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity.

The topic I will be addressing in this short article is one that is polarizing people here in the United States from both the unchurched, not faith-based general populace to those who call themselves Christian and followers of Jesus of Nazareth. The issue of aliens, foreigners, non-citizens residing here in America, allowing for those individuals without criminal pasts, on a permanent basis is a topic over which much debate and battle lines are being drawn between political groups and ideology, as well as social-economic and religious lines. For many in our churches, battle lines of ideology on this topic are being drawn around whether or not you are a Democrat, Republican. Sadly, many Christians viewpoints aren’t decided by a careful search of scripture on this topic, but their views are derived and shaped by the various news media outlets they view or devour depending upon their party affiliations.

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